HP WORLD 4.21.16


Phil Dunphy - Modern Family has been a favorite of mine for years. My boyfriend is rewatching them from the beginning and it has me hooked all over again. Look up 'Phil's-osophy' when you have a chance.

Show Me Your Mumu - Becoming a buyer has taught me one thing: you'll always be broke. Kidding. But in all seriousness, I want to spend all my money on this brand. The cutest pieces for Spring/Summer/festival season. (Also, their Instagram is #goals)

Chokers - Vanessa Mooney killing it.

Nekter Juices - Do yourself a favor and get the Popeye's Acai and add hemp protein. If I could have this every AM, I would.

Daredevil - SEASON 2 blew my mind!!!! I have been a born and raised geek: living off of movie reviews, super hero / sci fi cinema, conventions, and comic shops. I haven't been a fan of the handful of movies or tv shows they try to adapt. (It's hard getting a man in tights to be realistic...) Daredevil nailed it. It is beautifully directed, written, and the casting of this show was a dream come true. I never liked Daredevil growing up, never read the comics, but I can honestly say that Daredevil might be in the running for my favorite...sorry Spider-Man + Cap'.

Ariana Grande - This. is. her. year. Forget about Nickelodeon and her donut licking days. I've had 'Be Alright' on repeat since she hinted about it via Snapchat! May 20th. New album. My body is ready.


Happy V-Day! This was our 2nd Valentine's together. This year we kept it super simple and cooked dinner, watched a movie, hung with friends, ate donuts, and all that good lovey-dovey lazy and comfy stuff. We actually hate Valentine's. But, don't mind us. D surprised me with tickets to see Wicked this Thursday! I am freaking out. I saw it when I was about 15 years old. If you know me well enough then you know I am a huge broadway fan. I was not expecting that at all. Anyways, he's okay I guess.

BEDROOM INSPO // 2.12.16

Hi! I'm going to be moving in less then 3 months! (that's freaking me out. cue the anxiety.) It's time for a bigger place and an update to my room. Living on my own officially for a year and a half was exciting, different, and a whole new sense of independence. Yet, I can't help but feel I'm just sleeping over at my friends house and I get to stay up as long as I want. That means it's time for a place that I feel at home. Some of the furniture in my room I have had since I was 18 years old. Yikes. So many things change from teenager to young adult to 'paying my own bills - independent woman', right? Currently, I have an all black, hand me down, vibe going on. Cool. I need something bright, bohemian, minimalist, beachy, and comfy. If any of those words make sense together? If you couldn't tell, I've been obsessed with Pinterest. (late to the game, much?) I have attached a few photos that I am SO in love with. So inspired. I have even created a checklist for a Ikea / Target / Home Goods run. (I love lists and organization....) I can't wait to finally get rid of my old stuff. It's seriously going to be a major spring cleaning for me. Let me know what you guys think and any tips you have for a minimalist home!

all images are from Pinterest.com