Jul 30, 2015

Sample Sales! They are quite honestly the easiest way to get your money's worth, and especially on styles that are currently in stores or haven't even hit the shelves yet. Working in LA has taught me so much about how the fashion world really works. I rarely buy things at the mall anymore because of this reason. Sample Sales usually consist of a showroom selling whatever pieces they don't need anymore. Showrooms are just a place where certain brands show their current lines, meaning they sell what is coming up that season. These showrooms are for clothing stores or boutiques to come in and  personally shop what they want to sell in THEIR store. They choose a few pieces, select a breakdown of sizes, we create invoice, and they go on their way. Once that shipment is ready for that delivery, the warehouse sends it out. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, welcome to the business side of fashion. Anyway, once those deliveries are either sold out or the season is over, we simply have no use for them. We put up a sale of these items, and they are all at wholesale price. That's right, that $68 dollar sweater you just bought is most likely $28 wholesale. And we probably "sample sale" that for cheaper. Most likely anywhere from $5-20 dollars.

Places to go (all based in Downtown LA - Fashion District):
  • Cal Mart 
  • Lady Liberty
  • New Mart
  • Cooper Building
 Here are a few tips for sample sales:
  • always arrive early! Well, don't camp out, but a good thirty minutes to an hour early is best. Everything starts in the morning, about 9 or 10!
  • wear comfy clothes. Wear maybe yoga pants and a loose shirt. Showrooms are NOT stores, we DO NOT have a fitting room and we don't have multiple sizing. Whatever we have is what we have, and if you need to try it on, throw it on whatever you got. I've seen people get stripped down to their underwear to try stuff gets crazy here.
  • carry cash! Like I said, showrooms are not stores. Maybe some people will have a Square system (where you can swipe your card through their phone or iPad) but I promise you, it's mostly just cash. It's also easier to get in and out of a showroom and onto the next.
  • bring your own bag! Bring a really big comfy bag, that you can just shove as much clothing as you can. Smaller the bag, the biggest regret. 
  • find good parking. You'll end up being here for a few hours without realizing it. Most of LA is street parking or parking by the meter. There is some good parking places outside of the New Mart building or a parking structure in the Cal Mart. 
  • and lastly, plan out where you want to go. Check Instagram or Facebook for updates on showrooms and who is selling that day. A lot of big name showrooms like Wildfox or Paige will be super busy, and may run out of sizes or styles. Make sure you go to the one you have your eye on first. And even then, it gives you more time to pop into different showrooms to see what you can find.  
 *all photos were taken from Instagram

I N S P O • 1

Jul 26, 2015

Fall is easily my favorite season for many reasons: the cooler weather, Halloween, the colors, the shopping (cardigans, boots & oversized sweaters - oh my!), nightly fires, & cuddling to keep warm. As I sit in this summer heat, stuck in my apartment, I am day dreaming of Fall. I am already planning outfits I want to wear and felt inspired. Dark denim, basic tees and layering with light denim is my go-to. Eeeek, can't wait for all of this. But living in California, you just can't predict it. I remember once we had an October that felt like June. It totally ruined the idea of Halloween, haha. If you want tmore of what is inspiring to me... like, home d├ęcor, clothing, Taylor Swift, pretty pictures of food, then you should  follow me on my Tumblr!

*These pictures were all grabbed from Tumblr / FP.ME


Jul 24, 2015

Sometimes I find myself comparing to others. Hair, outfits, where they are in their life, financially, and man…is it tiring. I am not sure why everything has to be competitive to me, but it just is. I really feel that social networking has brought this side to me. I am always looking at what these people are doing, constantly updating their feed with their overpriced dinners and “spur of the moment” vacations. (I can’t even afford a spur of the moment trip to Target! Why, how, what!?) But I always get these reminders that, I don’t need to be them. I don’t need to be on their level. This won’t matter. These photos are for me. The days I spend with the people I love are going to be the greatest memories, and no amount of photos or documentation will do it justice. I always have to bring myself down and think about just how damn lucky I am to be where I am. To have the people in my life I do now. Because let me tell you, if you were to tell me maybe 3-5 years ago, I would be in my own apartment, met someone I genuinely love and care about, have an amazing job that people with degrees fight for, I would have laughed and told you to stop lying to me. But this is where I am. And who I am is just as much as a improvement. I understand my feelings, and  the feelings around me. (I really should be thanking David for that part). I guess the bottom line is this: Stop comparing. The numbers below your picture mean nothing, the amount of “love” you get followed by a post really shouldn’t matter to the extent of beating yourself up about it. What matters is the few that respect you and genuinely listen to what you’re doing. Even if that means just a few friends, and hey – maybe even your Mother.

I am so happy for where I am right now. Of course there are a few things I would change, I mean who wouldn’t want a bulldog puppy and a few credit cards paid off, but hey we all don’t get a genie in a lamp and get three wishes.

But I love reminding myself about this and a few "happy thoughts"...and just being self-grounded and grateful.

(I want to thank blogger  Mary Lauren for her inspiration on this post. If you really want a good read or something to lift your spirits, please read her blog. She is so real, and I find myself saying "OMG, I feel the same exact way!")

C O M I C - C O N - RANT

Jul 12, 2015

I was a really big WoW fan back in senior year of high school. I literally skipped school once to play. I wasn't very good, but I was insanely into it. (Horde, duh!)  I know gaming movies and some comic book movies just don't really cut it. (Example - Dragon Ball Z, The Last Airbender, Green Lantern...) I have HIGH hopes for this movie. With a medieval era on the rise, I feel like they can really do this movie justice. I was hoping for some sort of trailer or clip for Warcraft at CC, but we have to wait in till November which makes sense because BlizzCon is in November this year. Blizzard knows what they are doing. But come on! This is Pretty much the same feeling you get when the server logs you out for maintenance, and that maintenance lasts between 4-6 hours. Sigh. *waiting*

If you haven't seen any of the footage from Star Wars, please stop reading this and watch that now! I am blown away by what I have seen, and it's not even official clips. JJ Abrams is doing an amazing job at capturing the essence of what George Lucas worked with. Real props, film camera, puppets, small scale models. I feel like he is bringing what we all wanted prior to the horrid Jar Jar Binks. Can we just talk about Episode I for a second? It completely bugs me how much they used "copy and paste" and "repeat" on their editing. Just watch the pod racing scene and you'll totally know what I mean if you pay close attention. I could sit here for a whole post about EP I, but I will bite my tongue. I am EXTREMELY excited for this movie. The panel was amazing. The old gang gave me chills, I just, can't. NO WORDS.

And for my last rant,  Batman V Superman. The official trailer was shown in good ol' Hall H this weekend. Now here is my input. I am not a fan of DC. The only DC characters I ever enjoyed were Harley Quinn and the Teen Titans. And yes, I mean the Cartoon Network show. I was insanely obsessed and was even on a forum. (Not ashamed) But, I am NOT a fan of  Zack Snyder. Too much graphics/computer animation and too much dark tones remind me of video game cut scenes. I never saw Man Of Steel which probably makes my whole opinion invalid, but - whatever. I now understand the plot of this and why the B-Man and Superman want to get into it. I don't understand the time frame. Jesse Eisenberg's LL wig is horrible. I keep wanting him to closely get up to someone and whisper, "Welcome to Facebook." Why is there a Robin suit in Bruce's manor? Wonder Woman wasn't a big wow factor for, I don't know.  I am not sure how I feel about it, and so far, don't feel like I need to see this - someone convince me differently! Tell me I am crazy!